Play is the most natural and effective learning mechanism of the child. Children use play as a means for learning about how the world works and how to be effective and masterful within it.

In play the child is always above his average age, above his daily behaviour. In play it is as though he were a head taller than himself, because in play children experiment with roles and skills that are beyond their capabilities in real life.

Play is not the only way that children learn and consequently the play-based curriculum includes many other activities and approaches to learning. At Bizzy B’s we incorporate the Montessori method in conjunction with the play based approach.  Within the curriculum the children learn through observing, discussing, making things, exploring, reflecting and experimenting without entering the play world.

At Bizzy B’s the children are afforded the opportunity to holistically grow and develop within a warm, caring environment with adults that recognise, respect and build on their needs and interests. Our ethos is an “active learning” approach. Active learning means that children have direct hands on experiences with people, objects, events and ideas. 

Children’s interests are at the heart of this programme -

  • We believe that children should be actively involved in their own learning.
  • Children are encouraged to choose what materials they would like to use and the teachers role is to support and guide. Through these experiences, children develop the dispositions, skills, knowledge and understanding, attitudes and values that will help them to grow as confident and competent learners.
  • Our curriculum encompasses all aspects of child development and every activity has a specific developmental purpose. It supports and extends children’s emotional, intellectual, social and physical skills and abilities. It is designed to challenge and stimulate every child in our care, regardless of age and ability
  • A child’s learning is unique, developing and learning at different rates. Learning based on the child’s interests, strengths and life experiences is more interesting and relevant for him/her.

A copy of the full curriculum is available for all parents, please ask us.

Partnership with parents

Parents are the primary educators of the child and have a pre-eminent role in promoting their child’s well-being, learning and development. With this in mind we seek to involve and inform parents about school life. We value the importance of a strong partnership with parents/carers to ensure the highest level of care is provided to all children at our service. We keep progress files on all the children which are shared with the parents.

See the Parents Testimonials page for details of what our childrens' parents have to say about our school.

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