"We honestly didn’t know how our three year old daughter was going to take to Pre-school as she is very shy, but there was no need to worry as every day we are greeted by caring staff who are never short of a smile or cuddle. Every day is a learning experience for our little girl in a fun friendly environment which even transcends to home life e.g. some of the new foods tasted have now become her favourite and she wants them to be added to her lunch box! Our only problem now is when it’s time to leave for ‘big school’ – we will be so sad to have to say goodbye!"

Karyn Hughes


"My daughter has been attending Bizzy B’s for almost two years, as did my nephew and niece before her. Every day I see how each child is valued and treasured. As a parent, I am thrilled to see my daughter so happy and cared for with such consideration and love. As a primary school teacher, I also view Bizzy B’s as incredibly professional and attentive to the individual needs of each child in terms of social, affective, cognitive and physical development. Bizzy B’s is one of a kind and I would recommend it wholeheartedly."

Bernadette Morris

1st Feb 2012


"Bizzy B's has been a wonderful and loving environment for my two children. I have been so amazed at the care and attention they have given my boys over the three years I've been sending them there. The staff work so hard to individualise their programme to suit the kids and my boys have always been so happy there. I would recommend Bizzy B's to everyone."

Anna Merritt


I have had my three daughters attend Bizzy B’s Pre-school. My twins, Emma and Hannah, attended for two years before Primary School and my youngest daughter, Sarah, is now in her second year at Bizzy B’s. The girls at BizzyB’s are like family to my daughters and treat all the children with such kindness and respect. My daughters have loved going to Pre-school and there was never any tears or hanging onto my leg!

From my perspective, I had complete and utter peace of mind leaving my daughters in the morning and looked forward to collecting them in the afternoon to see what creative masterpiece or culinary delight they had made that day. My girls have been instilled with a sense of their own independence and were completely prepared for Primary School, which is largely thanks to Brenda, Olive and Clodagh. I would have no hesitation in recommending Bizzy B’s to any parent thinking of sending their child to Pre-school, in fact I don’t think that you could find a better place for your child.


Tracey Stringer